Monday, April 2, 2012

Veggie Heaven

As many people know, I am a huge advocate of fruits and veggies. I probably eat more fruit and vegetables than I do other foods (I also probably eat more chocolate, but that's neither here nor there). So when I found a recipe for vegetable enchiladas on Pinterest, I immediately wanted to make it. I mean, mixing vegetables with my Mexican culture. Hello, win-win.

(The only downside of this dish is that it required so many ingredients, so the grocery shopping bill was a little high this week. However... totally worth it.)

Since this dish was so detailed, I won't walk you through every step and make this post boring. Basically, you start off my chopping... and chopping... and more chopping. This recipe called for poblano peppers, red bell peppers. cauliflower, sweet potato, onion, corn and spinach. So much veg!

After we had chopped, sliced and diced all of our vegetables, we drizzled them on a cookie sheet with grapeseed oil and baked them for 40 minutes, stirring every 10 minutes. While the vegetables were cooking, Mark tore up six tortillas into smaller pieces in order to cover the bottom of a baking pan. On top of the tortilla base, we poured a small amount of salsa, cheese and spinach. 

Once the vegetables had finished cooking and crisped toward the edges, we poured one-third of the cooked veggies on top of our first layer. We repeated this three times, creating three separate layers of tortillas, salsa, cheese, spinach and vegetables. We then popped the baking pan back into the oven for another 30 minutes to let the tortillas and cheese cook.

The top layer got the most cheese as you can see. ;) After the dish was finished cooking, we had to let it cool for another 10 minutes. This recipe made a lot of enchilada, and we were only able to finish about 1/4 of the entire dish. I am hoping my mom will come by and get some after her class, but we will see. If anyone would like some, come on by! It was probably one of my favorite meals we've made so far.

I'm sorry this was not the best written post, I am halfway writing, halfway watching the Mavs.

Happy cooking! M&m :)

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