Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

This past weekend Mark and I went to Austin to enjoy the fourth of July weekend. Always the sporadic couple, we embarked on our road trip on the no-plan plan. With a road trip playlist and lots of snacks, we were on our way.

Since we were in no rush, we decided to stop in Waco so I could show Mark around my college town. While we were in Waco, Mark and I stopped at Olive Branch for lunch. Man, I'd missed that place. After lunch, we drove around campus and I showed him all the Baylor landmarks. (And by Baylor landmarks, I mean places we'd played pranks in college.)

Being the Red Raider that he is, Mark got a little fussy being on Baylor campus.

Saturday night we went to an amazing Mexican restaurant on Lake Austin called Hula Hut where we ate a ridiculous amount of chicken fajitas. It was so nice out on the patio that we stayed for awhile and tried some of their drinks. It turns out, their margaritas are pretty tasty.

Mark and I had designated Sunday to kayaking, so we headed to Kerbey Lane Cafe for some brunch before the kayaking began. Neither of us had ever been there before, but it was amazing and came highly recommended. After brunch we drove to Zilker Park to rent our kayak. Kayaking is one of my favorite things to do, and with the sun shining, it was a perfect day to go.

After kayaking, we were pretty exhausted, so we spent the rest of Sunday just relaxing. Sunday night we wanted to find a patio on the lake again, so we went to Abel's on the Lake where we both enjoyed some of the best tilapia fish tacos we've ever had. (Maybe even better than the ones we made... maybe.) We'd both heard a lot about Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, so we decided to catch a flick after dinner.

Sadly, our weekend getaway had to come to an end on Monday. We wanted to grab one last brunch before we left, so we tried the restaurant at the Four Seasons hotel where I got my dream breakfast: a gigantic bowl of raspberries, blueberries, strawberries and blackberries. Needless to say, I was in heaven.

Monday night for the fourth of July Mark, my mom and I grabbed some dinner at Jason's Deli then watched fireworks at Bakersfield Park in Flower Mound. It was so nice to be with both of them this fourth of July and the fireworks never disappoint.

Hands down, this was one of the best weekends we've spent together so far. It was so relaxing and we got to experience so many new things together. More posts to come :)


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