Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Twofer

So I’m going to combine what would have been two separate blog posts because I got too lazy to blog yesterday. And by too lazy I mean too distracted by the Home Run Derby.

This past weekend was one of my favorite weekends so far. It was so relaxing and yet filled with so many activities. On Friday, two movies came out that Mark and I have been dying to see: Horrible Bosses and Zookeeper (okay, this one is more me… but that gorilla gets me every time). So we decided to do a classic dinner and a movie date night. After work we went to my apartment workout room and ran for an hour before we began the night’s festivities. It always feels so good to get a run in! After our run Mark and I went to Fireside Pies at Legacy. We love this place. Typically we will go with the Burrata pizza which consists of oven-dried tomatoes and basil pesto; however, we had wanted to try their famous Balsamic Roasted Chicken pie which is covered in spinach, blue cheese, and tomatoes. It was good, but it turns out blue cheese isn’t that great on pizza. I guess sometimes it’s best to stick with what you know.

Once we’d finished dinner we had some time to kill before the movie so we went to the patio at Gingerman Pub right by my apartment to grab a beer. With the sun down, it was such a nice summer night to enjoy some time together on a patio… one of our favorite activities. Spoiled by our Alamo Draft House experience in Austin, Mark and I had decided we wanted a drink to enjoy during our movie, so we saw Horrible Bosses at Movie Studio Grill in Plano. Unfortunately, by that time, we were hungry for second dinner (yikes) so we also tried some chicken nachos and sweet potato fries with the movie. They were both delicious, although second dinner probably isn’t the healthiest habit.

On Saturday morning Mark and I surprised my mom by bringing her (and ourselves... we are only human) a Chick Fil A breakfast and then doing the yard for her. My mom is such an amazing woman that she mows and “weed eats” the front and back yard by herself nearly every week, so we really wanted to help her out. It was so much fun being able to spend time with my mom and help her at the same time. I was even able to snap this great shot of Mark mowing my mom’s front yard.

After the yard work was done, we were all pretty exhausted, so Mark and I went back to Plano to rest for awhile. Always the creative date-planner that he is, Mark suggested we go to dinner and then go bowling Saturday night. It was an absolute blast, one of my favorite dates so far. We enjoyed Rock Fish for dinner and then drove to 300 in Addison where we played three games of bowling (I don’t win and tell, but I’ll let you guess who won).

The bowling alley had giant televisions above the lanes too, so we were able to watch the Ranger game while we bowled. By the time we finished bowling, the game was in the seventh inning, so we decided to stop by Stan’s Grill, a sports bar in Plano, on the way home to watch the end of the game. It turns out, we couldn’t have picked a better game to watch. In the bottom of the ninth inning with two outs, down 6-5, Josh Hamilton hit a walk-off home run to win the game. What a deserving home run for him and a great win for the Rangers.

Sunday was relaxing, as most Sundays are. Mark and I went to church with my mom and then out to lunch, something that has become the highlight of every week. This week Erin was in Oklahoma, so we jumped at the opportunity to eat Mexican food at Mi Cocina. Of course, those fajitas never disappoint. Some Sunday shopping filled up our afternoon until we came back to my apartment where we got to enjoy our favorite time of the week: Cold Stone Sunday. Every single Sunday Mark and I go to the Cold Stone Creamery right outside of my apartment. We are both huge ice cream lovers and it’s fun to try a new combination of mix-ins each week. We finished our weekend up with some grocery shopping (still one of my favorite things to do together) and dinner at Café Express.

Last night Mark and I returned to the kitchen to try our hand at another homemade meal. This time, however, the “kitchen” was at Mark’s apartment. We had decided to make grilled barbecue chicken and since Mark has a great grill on his apartment patio, we wanted to take advantage of this to make legitimate grilled chicken (sorry, George Foreman).

We used the leftover chicken from our California Grilled Chicken Sandwich since we got twice as much as we needed in the first place. Naturally Mark was in charge of manning the grill while I stuck to what I know best: the veggies. We had chosen green beans and then also decided to try out corn on the cob for the first time.

Mark covered my chicken with seasoning since I didn’t want to fully commit to the sauce and then covered his piece of chicken in the barbecue sauce he’d bought (I can’t remember what it was called). While Mark was grilling the chicken, I washed and cut the stems off of the green beans then put them into a pot of boiling water to cook. I was a little scared to make the corn on the cob because we’ve never made it before, but I placed it in boiling water to soften it then Mark covered it in cooking spray and marinade then grilled it. The result was nothing short of amazing.

More posts to come :)


Grilled Chicken Dinner Recipe:

-2 4-oz. Chicken Breasts
-1/2 Pound of Green Beans
-2 Ears of Corn
-Cayenne Pepper
-BBQ Sauce
-Cooking Spray (Pam works)

1. Cover chicken in BBQ sauce and place on grill
2. Wash green beans and cut off the ends. Place in a pot of boiling water.
3. Green beans will cook until the rest of the meal is finished.
4. Peel husks off the corn and place in a pot of boiling water.
5. Boil corn for 3-5 minutes. Spray with Pam then cover with seasoning of your choice.
6. Place corn on grill and cook until chicken is done.

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