Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Healthy Fish and Chips?

So while I watch the Lady Bears in the NCAA Championship, I decided to multi-task and write a blog post at the same time (even though I'm fairly certain nobody reads these). I just love to write...and watch my team in championship games.

This past weekend at Central Market, the weekly fish special was cod, so Mark and I decided to try out a "healthier" version of fish and chips. I'm not sure there's really such a thing as healthy fish and chips, but a girl can dream.

I can't say I know exactly what Mark did to the cod to add the "chips," but I noticed it involved Bisquick, hatch chiles, milk, cayenne pepper and eggs. So basically it's fish wrapped in biscuits... and it was delicious.

While Mark was cooking the fish, I prepared whole wheat rice (and by prepared, I mean microwaved for 90 seconds) and a side salad with pineapple, goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette. Mark also made a tiny bit of homemade tartar sauce by mixing some mayonnaise and relish.

In other news, we survived 12 tornadoes in the metroplex today. When Mark and I got back to work after lunch, we discovered we were under a tornado warning. In what seemed like no time, we were being sent to a hallway downstairs by the fire marshall. Tornadoes scare me! But this face made it better....

Oh how I love that face. Well, it's back to NCAA basketball for this girl. Hope you all stayed safe during the crazy Texas weather today! SIC' EM BEARS!


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