About Us

Well I guess this is where our story goes. I graduated from Baylor in August with a degree in Journalism and no leads on a job of any kind. As I applied to every place I could find, I came across a job in online marketing at ReachLocal. Since I didn't have a marketing degree, I figured this was a long shot. However, I ended up getting the job and started work in November.

In December, a new group of 11 people was brought into my division at work. As the new group finished training, they were transferred into our office where an empty desk just so happened to be available in front of me. The new group began to claim their desks and the empty desk in front of mine got claimed by this cute brown-haired boy named Mark.

Mark graduated from Texas Tech in May and had interned as a Social Media Director at Boston's over the summer. When ReachLocal reached out to Mark, he accepted the offer and started work in October. Originally hired in a different division, Mark was asked to transfer into my division in December where he would sit in front of my desk for months. The back of Mark's head was where it all began for me.

About six months into our friendship, my crush on the boy who sat in front me got worse. To my relief, the feeling was mutual, and we decided to go to lunch one day. The rest is history. We initiated our relationship with an official first date at the Mavericks vs. Spurs game on March 18, 2011. As it turns out, this would be the first sports date of many. From that first date (which was capped off with a midnight viewing of Dumb and Dumber... my dream date) I knew. Since then, a lot has happened both in my own life and in our relationship, and I'm excited to see what I will be writing about a year from now. For now, I am just enjoying things as they come! :)