Friday, July 15, 2011


As most of you know, my dad passed away three months ago. It was not only sudden, but a complete shock to anyone who knew my dad. My dad was both healthy and young… two things that don’t typically foreshadow a heart attack. While my dad was never a fan of sharing information online, writing is one of my biggest releases and the best way I can express myself. Sorry, Dad.

You always hear “you never know what you have until it’s gone.” I never fully understood that statement until the last few months. The little things that I always took for granted are now the things I want the most. I want to hear my dad coming home from work and my mom cooking dinner, I want to walk upstairs and see my dad passed out on our couch watching whatever sports game was on TV that day, I want to roll my eyes again as my dad feeds our dogs table scraps, I want to see that look on my dad's face when you could tell a joke was coming and more than anything I want to ask my dad advice and have him kiss the top of my head like he’s done millions of times before.

I had a lot more typed out after this, but I decided to erase it and let the pictures speak for themselves. These pictures show exactly what a devoted dad and loving husband my dad was. He was a spiritual leader to our family and a giver to anyone in need. His generosity and humility is a constant goal for me, although I know I will never achieve what he did. His sense of humor still makes me laugh. He was my "twin" and my best friend and I am so thankful for every trait of his I was given.

As my mom, sister and I said last night... he really was the best dad and husband. I could not be more proud or thankful for the 24 years I had with him, but I am so glad to know where he is now. I love you and miss you every single day, Dad.

I thank my God upon every remembrance of you. Philippians 1:3


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  1. I love the way you remember your dad and that so much of him lives on in you. He was a class act, that one. Been thinking about y'all a lot this week. Love you girl!

    Also, gotta say it, Lori is rockin that hairdo in the second pic :)