Monday, July 18, 2011

Four Months and Counting

This weekend Mark and I celebrated four months of dating. To celebrate, he took me out to dinner and then we went to visit my friend Tara at Rockfish. It's always so good to catch up with old friends. :)

Stole a candid of Mark at dinner ;)

Saturday night we cooked dinner at home. Chicken on the grill with broccoli and rice, mmm.

Today my sister played in a Chili's softball tournament, so Mark, my mom and I went to watch her final game of the day. In true Duron fashion, she got a base hit.

It's crazy to me that we have been dating for four months. Given the circumstances at the beginning of our relationship, there has never been one day where I've questioned whether or not Mark was meant to be in my life. It's still amazing to me the way God timed everything out in our relationship. Everyday I thank God for placing this relationship in my life when I needed it the most. It's amazing what patience will give you.

More posts to come :)


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